Latest Electric Vehicles

This year, electric vehicles have made tremendous leaps in the car-buying world. EVs have moved from just luxury brands to everyday car brands you already see out on the road. By 2024, manufacturers have dozens of electric models planned to make their debut. You will not be limited to just sedan EVs, as manufacturers are working diligently to bring trucks and SUVs into the fully electric world. Check out the list of the best EVs that have hit the market this year.

Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell

his is not your average EV. It stands out from all the new EV SUVs because of its hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. The NEXO is the first-ever SUV that powers its motor by using hydrogen. No more waiting to charge, because the tanks only take about five minutes to fill. When you fill-up, you have up to 380 miles of drive between each refill. It’s important to note that it is 380 miles of emission-free driving. All that is coming out of the tailpipe is water. Sadly, as of now, California is the only place to buy a NEXO. Hopefully, within the next few years, hydrogen fueling stations will cover the country, helping to create emission-free driving! Starting MSRP is $59,435.

Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai is comparable to the Hyundai NEXO. If you are looking for a hydrogen-powered sedan, look no further. The Mirai is part of Toyota’s Environmental Challenge, hoping to reduce new vehicle emissions by 2050. The design of the Mirai has been called one of Toyota’s most beautiful designs, and I do agree if I say so myself. There are two trim packages available, XLE and Limited. However, the standard package comes with all the features you would want, keyless entry, power-adjustable seats, and of course heated faux-leather seats. As of now, just like the NEXO, it is limited to California. Hopefully, with Toyota’s environmental initiative, we will start to see more hydrogen fueling stations all over the country. Starting MSRP is $49,500.

Volvo EX90

The Volvo EX90 is Volvo’s newest EV, scheduled to arrive in U.S. showrooms starting early 2024. The new design is redefining safety measures, including Volvo’s Zero Collision Vision. It will also come equipped with Lidar and Safe Space Technology and Pilot Assist. They have made the EX90 more powerful and the drive smoother than ever. You can reach 60MPH as fast as 4.7 seconds. The charging time is 30 minutes, and a full charge will give you 300 miles of drive time! The EX90 has three rows of seating for up to 7 passengers and large trunk space. You can also charge your home during a power outage with the EX90's bi-directional charging. Starting MSRP is under $80,000.

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