What is Clicklane?

Are you ready for a whole new era of vehicle ownership? Clicklane is your all-in-one platform to buy, trade, sell, service, accessorize, and upgrade your vehicle. The world is changing, so why shouldn’t the way you own and manage your vehicle? Clicklane is built with you in mind. That means it’s designed to make every step of ownership as simple and convenient as possible. From an online loan marketplace that puts you in complete control of your financing, to live trade appraisals and instant loan decisions - get ready to reimagine everything you thought you knew of the car buying experience.

It all starts when you begin shopping for your vehicle. Clicklane is powered by dealerships throughout the country, giving you access to over 15,000 vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, a truck or SUV, something luxurious and sporty or something rugged and reliable, Clicklane offers you plenty of options so you can be guaranteed to find the perfect vehicle for you.

If you have a vehicle you want to sell or trade, Clicklane makes it easier than ever to do so. And all it takes is a few minutes! Our state-of-the-art trade tool will give you a real appraisal quote in less than two minutes. Simply enter your vehicle’s information and you will know exactly how much your current ride is worth. When you sell your car with Clicklane, you’ll get a check the same day, which will save you time and hassle, while making the whole experience much more convenient.

One of the exciting features that makes Clicklane stand out is our Lender Marketplace. Clicklane gives you competing real time offers from industry leading lenders. And that means better deals for you! Being in control of your financing means you can choose how you want to pay, whether it’s all at once or in monthly payments you can customize.

Once you purchase your vehicle, Clicklane will deliver your new car straight to your front door, or office, or wherever is most convenient. Taken all together, you can complete the entire car buying process, from shopping to trading to financing to getting the keys, all without ever stepping foot in a dealership.

But Clicklane’s benefits don’t just end after you complete your purchase. With my.clicklane.com you have a full ownership portal that allows you to schedule service and maintenance, and also upgrade and accessorize your vehicle. Simply log into your my.clicklane account so you can manage exactly what your vehicle needs and always stay on top of managing your car.

With all these cutting edge tools and exclusive benefits, you can see why Clicklane is out to change the automotive experience by giving you more power than ever. Take some time to browse our huge selection of inventory, and real-time appraisals to experience it for yourself. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have, to ensure you take full advantage of everything Clicklane has to offer and drive off smiling into the sunset!

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